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Honda Motorcycle Paint Colors

For each officially produced (modern) Honda motorcycle there is a Paint Color and a Paint Code. The Paint Color is the name of the paint colour, and can include details such as the type of paint it is, and whether it requires an undercoat; the Paint Code is the name of the paint scheme used on the fairing and other parts. The two are related, but they are not the same. For example, there may be several model years of the same bike that share the same Paint Code, though they don't look the same. The Paint Code appears to relate to the predominant paint colour used in the scheme, however, which does tend to make things a bit confusing. So, in order to correctly identify a particular model's (original) paint scheme, you need to know two things: the Paint Code and the bike's Model Year.

Fortunately, this information can usually be found on a small, white rectangular sticker located somewhere underneath the bike's rider or passenger seat. It is also located on the barcode sticker, which may no longer be present or readable, but which can be found on the license plate area of the rear fender on new bikes. There are many, many Honda motorcycle paint codes; probably many more than are shown below; these have been collected over the years from many different sources (the source list is at the bottom of the page). In addition, here is a significantly reworked version of the revised paint code list from Color-Rite, which now includes (approximate) "paint chips" for each of the colors.

It is important to note that is not a motorbike paint reseller or in any way expert in Honda Paint Colors or Paint Codes: USE THIS INFORMATION (WITHOUT OTHERWISE CONFIRMING IT) AT YOUR OWN RISK! The Paint Colors shown below have been collected from various sources, some of which disagree with one another. Where parentheses appear, different sources have provided different names for the same Paint Color. The best source of accurate information about paint codes is a knowledgable Honda dealer (good luck finding one...), and the best practice is to let the company ordering your parts determine the correct Paint Color for your bike (which you then double-check against a list like this). If YOU provide the Paint Color, and there is an error, it is YOUR problem...

Paint Color Description
A-01 Semi glazed black
A-03 Silver (labels)
A-07 Specified blue
A-73 Gold (labels)
B-43L Luster blue (seats)
B-100M-U Cosmo black metallic
B-104 Percian (Duke) blue
B-131P Pearl presto blue
B-134M Barbados blue metallic
B-135M Laguna blue metallic
B-140P Pearl coral reef blue
B-142P Pearl atlantis blue
B-143M Calypso blue metallic
B-148M Graceful blue metallic
B-152M Granada blue metallic
B-154M Jerez blue metallic
B-162M Medium blue metallic
B-175M Artico blue metallic
B-183M Petrol blue metallic
BG-101P Pearl bermuda green
BG-103P Pearl winter mint
BG-106P Pearl salem mint
BG-110P Pearl sophis green
BG-125M Amazona green metallic
G-1 Smoke green
G-20 Papaw green
G-31 Mighty green
G-38M-S Muscat green metallic
G-120 Urban green
G-125M Black green metallic
G-130 Toscana green
G-133 Hermes green
G-137M Grandioses green metallic
G-139M Alpen green metallic
G-141M Kaningham green metallic
G-142M Tasmania green metallic
G-150 Cricket green
G-156P Pearl sierra green
G-159P Pearl sonoma green
G-160P Pearl jade green
G-161P Pearl conifer green
G-163 Corsa green
G-167P Pearl merced green
G-177M Cyber green metallic
G-182M Sardegna green metallic
GA-1 Tomasek green
GY-102 Mint lime green
GY-112M Minotaurus green metallic
GY-118P Pearl vermont green
GY-120M Bud green metallic
GY-124 Camouflage green
GY-126 Matt uranium
NH-0 White
NH-1 Black
NH-1L Black (seats)
NH-1R Black
NH-1Z Black-Z
NH-2M Silver metallic
NH-4 Elephant gray
NH-10M Dark silver metallic
NH-19M Dark gray metallic
NH-24 Ceramic white
NH-31 McKinley white
NH-35M Cloud silver metallic
NH-42M-C Custom silver metallic
NH-43 Phantom black
NH-53L Spacy gray (seats)
NH-57 Excel black
NH-67L Dew gray (seats)
NH-101L Princess gray (seats)
NH-101M-U Perseus silver metallic
NH-104M-U Pleiadis silver metallic
NH-105 Matt black (#15-#20)
NH-106 Heatproof black
NH-110M-U Magnum silver (gray) metallic
NH-111 Cortina white
NH-113P-A Pearl altair white
NH-114M-U Moonshine silver metallic
NH-118M-U Sterling (real) silver metallic
NH-119M-U Tempest gray metallic
NH-121P Pearl shell white
NH-121P-A Pearl shell white A
NH-123L Midnight gray (seats)
NH-125M-U Nimbus gray metallic
NH-129M Max gray metallic
NH-130M Varnish silver metallic
NH-131M Starlight silver metallic
NH-132M Max silver metallic
NH-136M-U Senior gray metallic
NH-138 Shasta white
NH-139P-A Pearl crescent white A
NH-142M-U Meteor gray metallic
NH-144M-U Starshine silver metallic
NH-146M Accurate silver metallic
NH-154R Tasman gray
NH-162P Pearl milky white
NH-167M-U Iron nail silver metallic
NH-168M Vernier gray metallic
NH-174M Castle gray metallic
NH-177M Vostok silver metallic
NH-178M Amethyst gray metallic
NH-181M Flame alumite silver metallic
NH-182M Intellignet silver metallic
NH-193P Pearl crystal white
NH-193P-A Pearl ctystal white A
NH-194M Heavy gray metallic
NH-196 Ross (rinden) white
NH-197M Karakorum gray metallic
NH-206M Medium gray metallic
NH-211M alumite silver metallic (frames)
NH-213M Gentle silver metallic
NH-215M Phantom gray metallic
NH-217M Checker black metallic
NH-229M-U Anchor gray metallic
NH-232M Shining silver metallic
NH-236M Sparklefrost silver metallic
NH-237P Pearl pure black
NH-240M Saturn silver metallic
NH-242M-U Reddish gray metallic
NH-249 Matt works gray
NH-250 Real white
NH-251P Pearl pacific white
NH-253M Ocean gray metallic
NH-254M Blitz (lightning) gray metallic
NH-259M Accurate (seed) silver metallic
NH-262M Terra silver metallic
NH-264M Fog gray metallic
NH-280 Armor black
NH-280R Armor black
NH-282M-U Oyster silver metallic
NH-284M Euro gray metallic
NH-293M Light silver metallic
NH-295M Sparkling (flashing) silver metallic
NH-300M Muscle gray metallic
NH-303M Matt axis gray metallic
NH-312M Matt cynos gray metallic
NH-326P Pearl glacier (glazed) white
NH-341P Pearl (fade) white
NH-343P Pearl sparkle black
NH-347R Works gray
NH-357 India ink gray
NH-359M Mute black metallic
NH-373M Blessed silver metallic
NH-377M Core black metallic
NH-378M Matt moonstone silver metallic
NH-381M Matt plutonium silver metallic
NH-389M Matt bullet silver metallic
NH-390P Pearl twilight silver
NH-396P Pearl antique white
NH-398M Future gray metallic
NH-400M Cynos gray metallic
NH-403M Brittany silver metallic
NH-410M China silver metallic
NH-411M Force silver metallic
NH-418P Pearl prism black
NH-431 Metallic silver
NH-436 Asphalt
NH-436M Matt gunpowder black metallic
NH-437M Matt silver gray metallic
NH-460M Omega silver metallic
NH-461M Matt temple black metallic
NH-463M Darkness black metallic
NH-469M Stream silver metallic
NH-478M Tower silver metallic
NH-480M Shield silver metallic
NH-A04M Geny gray metallic
NH-A12M Interstellar black metallic
NH-A13M Excalibur gray metallic
NH-A16P Pearl cool white
NH-A27M Billet silver metallic
NH-A30M Digital silver metallic
NH-A32M Matt blacky gray metallic
NH-B53P Pearl glare white
P-5M Jockey blue metallic
P-9 Uranus purple
P-20P Pearl paragon purple
P-25C Candy extreme blue
P-32M Reflection purple metallic
P-36M Prism purple metallic
P-44 Illusion blue
PB-1 Dark blue
PB-2 Columbia blue
PB-2C-S Candy blue green
PB-3 Maruem blue
PB-3C-C Candy sapphire blue
PB-3C-F Flake sapphire blue
PB-5 Royal blue
PB-5C-S Candy riviera blue special
PB-6C-S Candy sirius blue
PB-7C Candy sword blue
PB-11L Cabaret blue (seats)
PB-21L Butler blue (seats)
PB-22L Lagoon blue (seats)
PB-22B Dionysus blue
PB-31 Angel blue
PB-36L Reykjavic blue (seats)
PB-52 Waterman blue
PB-101 Matt blue
PB-102C-S Candy grandeur blue special
PB-103C-C Candy radiant blue custom
PB-103C-U Candy knife beam blue
PB-106 Peppermint blue
PB-107C-U Candy tanzanight blue
PB-109 Neptune blue
PB-110C-U Candy universal blue
PB-115C-U Candy flair blue
PB-117C-U Candy enpire blue
PB-119 Lapis blue
PB-120C-A Candy pearl blue
PB-123P-A Pearl siren blue-A
PB-126C-A Candy pearl kapiolani blue
PB-127C-U Candy Aleutian blue
PB-129 Lausanne blue
PB-136 Space blue
PB-141M Spiral blue metallic
PB-149 Southern blue
PB-150M-U Rhine blue metallic
PB-151C-U Candy mistral blue
PB-155P-A Pearl marlin blue
PB-161C-U Candy wave blue
PB-162 Atessa blue
PB-164 Victory blue
PB-166 Wisteria blue
PB-171M-U Traditional blue metallic
PB-174P Pearl diana blue
PB-179M Micronesia blue metallic
PB-182 Florida blue
PB-184M-U Granite blue metallic
PB-186 Seychelle night blue
PB-187M-U Winterlake blue metallic
PB-188M Marshal blue metallic
PB-190 Terra blue
PB-192M Dynasty blue metallic
PB-198 Neo blue
PB-200 Dakar blue
PB-213M Earth blue metallic
PB-214M Air blue metallic
PB-215C Candy tahitian blue
PB-220 Nordic blue
PB-221M Cyclone blue metallic
PB-223M Martinet blue metallic
PB-228 Dionysus blue
PB-230M Sensitive (tender) blue metallic
PB-231 Real blue
PB-255P Pearl coronado (colorado) blue
PB-256M Northernlight blue metallic
PB-257M Lapis blue metallic
PB-261M Andes blue metallic
PB-262P Pearl great blue
PB-265 Lightning eye blue
PB-269P Pearl flashing blue
PB-270 Sardinia blue
PB-273M Sahara blue metallic
PB-284C Candy phoenix blue
PB-287M Nexus blue metallic
PB-293M Ultimative blue metallic
PB-294M Primary blue metallic
PB-296M Moody (temper) blue metallic
PB-297M Sevilla blue metallic
PB-299M Ice blue metallic
PB-304P Pearl apollo blue
PB-308P Pearl spencer blue
PB-324C Candy xenon blue
PB-325M Candy lighting blue metallic
PB-332P Pearl heron blue
PB-333M Tropea blue metallic
PB-341P Pearl breezy blue
PB-342M North pole blue metallic
PB-346 Pearl blue
PB-347M Matt calondonite blue metallic
PB-348M Matt barents blue metallic
PB-351P Pearl montana blue
PB-352M Matt xenon blue metallic
PB-356M Nova blue metallic
R-2 Scarlet
R-2C-F Flake sunrise orange
R-3C Candy red
R-4C Candy ruby red
R-6C-S Candy antares red (special)
R-7C-C Candy ltd maroon
R-8 Bright red
R-8C-S Candy presto red
R-9C-S Candy alpha red
R-23 Tahitian red
R-33 Helios red
R-85L Darling red (seats)
R-101C-U Candy glory (shiny) red
R-103L Burning red (seats)
R-104C-U Candy muse red
R-106C-U Candy prune red
R-107C-U Candy bourgogne (burgundy) red
R-109 Passion red
R-110 Monza red
R-111 Coral red
R-112L Factory red (seats)
R-114 Candy dark red
R-114C-U Candy wineberry red
R-115C-U Candy chestnut red
R-116 Stream red
R-117C-A Candy pearl red
R-119 Flash (lightning) red
R-120 Blaze (flame) red
R-123 Lightning red
R-124C-U Candy Alamoana red
R-125C-A Candy pearl mani red
R-127 Sparkling (flashing) red
R-130C-U Candy scorpion red
R-131C-U Candy andromeda red
R-134 Fighting red
R-144 Antonio red
R-151C-U Candy graceful red
R-157 Italian red
R-158P Pearl pure (deep) red
R-147P Pearl rasberry black
R-163M Burgundy black metallic
R-165 Jolly red
R-167 Furious (wild) red
R-170P Pearl fiery red
R-175 NR red
R-176C Candy spectra red
R-178P Pearl mouth berry
R-191 American red
R-195C Candy shiny red
R-196M Cadiz red metallic
R-197C Candy maple red
R-199C Candy garnet red
R-201 Magna red
R-203M Procyon red metallic
R-210C Candy refreshing red
R-217M Cassis red metallic
R-218M Radiant red metallic
R-223P Pearl sedona red
R-226M Regent red metallic
R-227M Eminence red metallic
R-228C Candy (susses) violet
R-231M Mystery red metallic
R-237 Somerset orange
R-247M Pennant red metallic
R-255M Rich red metallic
R-257C Candy ambassador red
R-258 Winning red
R-259P Pearl canyon red
R-263 Millennium red
R-274M Durango red metallic
R-275C Candy ambassador red
R-277C Candy calcutta red
R-287C Candy black cherry
R-287M Bloodstone red metallic
R-296M Carnelian red metallic
R-334 Victory red
RP-103C-U Candy tropical night purple
RP-124 Palette purple
RP-131M Mondaufgangs purple metallic
RP-133M Silver violet metallic
RP-134 Primrose
RP-138M Mauritanian violet metallic
RP-140M Vortex purple metallic
RP-141M Groundrose metallic
RP-144M Asteroid violet metallic
RP-147P Pearl rasberry black
RP-151P Pearl royal purple
RP-152M British gold metallic
RP-156P Pearl imperial magenta
RP-159M Parlor purple metallic
RP-166M Magenta metallic
Y-1 Ivory yellow
Y-1C-S Candy yellow special
Y-31 Parakeet yellow
Y-34 Sulphur yellow
Y-106 Clipper yellow
Y-124P Pearl shining (shiny) yellow
Y-130P Pearl hotrod yellow
Y-132 Beak yellow
Y-137P Pearl ivory
Y-140P Pearl lemon yellow
Y-141 Plasma yellow
Y-153 Mouth yellow
Y-158M Siena gold metallic
Y-159M Grain gold metallic
Y-160 Sunrise yellow
Y-161M Navona beige metallic
Y-163 Yellow
Y-163P Pearl flashing yellow
Y-170M Cyber gold
Y-181 Titanium
YR-1C Candy topaz orange
YR-3C Candy kent brown
YR-26 Shiny orange
YR-112M-U Super gold metallic
YR-118M-S Clear copper metallic
YR-125M Sand beige metallic
YR-126M Sunshine gold metallic
YR-127M Knight brown metallic
YR-129M Summer blond metallic
YR-138M Meteor gold metallic
YR-143M Pearl beige metallic
YR-147M Max brown metallic
YR-149M Martini beige metallic
YR-150M Misty brown metallic
YR-151M Nancy beige metallic
YR-159M Magtec gold metallic
YR-168M Cinnamon beige metallic
YR-169 Kashmir beige
YR-174 Citrus orange
YR-179P Pearl lively orange
YR-180 Morning gray orange
YR-181 Valencia (Repsol) orange
YR-183M Titanium metallic
YR-188P Pearl canyon copper
YR-191P Pearl chaparral beige
YR-192C Candy molten brown
YR-196C Candy (flaming) orange
YR-197M Pyrenees brown metallic
YR-198M Bedrock brown metallic
YR199M Cognac brown metallic
YR-201M Tango orange metallic
YR-202 Venus orange
YR-217M Elegant beige metallic
YR-234M Exotic brown metallic
YR-236M Jupiter orange metallic
Suffixes: A=???; C=candy; F=flake; L=vinyl seats; M=metallic; P=pearl-effect; R=???; S=special; U-undercoat required; Z=??? Home Copyright © 1999-2014 [Sources: Honda Parts Manuals and Microfiche; Classic Motorcycle Supplies (NL); Color-Rite Distributing Co.; MCH Honda (CZ); Japarts (NL)]