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Mission Statement:

This Web site is dedicated to the thorough proliferation of technical and other information relating to (mainly) Honda V-4 motorcycles of all sizes, shapes, colors, conditions and nationalities (with particular emphasis, however, on the Honda 1990-93 VFR750F (RC36), VFR400R (NC30), RVF400R (NC35), CBR400RR (NC29) and NR (RC40) models, and the Aprilia RS250. Future plans are to include sections devoted to the Honda CBR250RR (MC22), NSR250R (MC28), CB400SF Super Four (NC39), VFR750R (RC30), CBR750F (RC27), RVF750R (RC45) and ST1300 (SC51) models—subject, however, to the vagueries of the international capital markets (albeit indirectly). In essence, the purpose of this Web site is simply to serve as a resource for technical and factual information about these rather special motorcycles. For example, the Model Info pages contain full specifications for certain models, as well as color schemes and frame numbers, where available. In addition, there are several detailed pages relating to the Honda motorcycle model and part numbering systems, as well as one describing the information contained in VINs.

But wait, there's more! The Service Info section includes information about general maintenance (such as a generic Honda service schedule), a sprocket-ratio chart and information about specialized tools that may prove useful in performing maintenance tasks. There is also a Tuning Info section devoted to various modifications of (mostly) VFR exhaust, electrical, suspension and braking systems. Gosh, there's just too much to list! Lastly, the Brochures section contains scans of many Honda motorcycle brochures from various countries (all offered strictly for sale—no looking allowed unless you're considering buying!) What more can we say? Get clicking!

A Word about the Main Page:

The main page has evolved into a links and tools page. None of the links or tools shown have been paid for (in either sense), and all are subject to constant change and revision. This is mainly because this is the one page I see and use every day—some of the bike-specific pages I may not even remember exist! The bulk of the Web site will always be devoted to the realization of the Mission Statement, but the main page will probably become more and more "work friendly" as time goes on. Comments and suggestions are always welcome...

Newsy bit:

You know you're over 40 buy a touring bike! Specifically, a US-spec 2004 ST1300A. This bike will have to have some changes made to it so that will comply with European road regulations, such as a UK-spec headlight unit and the disconnection of the amber running lights, so an EU-spec Parts Catalog has been obtained, which should, in theory, make a ST1300 Model Info page possible... The old Pan European never tempted me, but the 1261cc version shifted the emphasis ever so slightly towards the sport side of sport-touring, and that, coupled with the wife's strange aversion towards discomfort, made this purchase happen. Hey, it's still a Honda, and it's still a V4! [This bit is a bit out of date (big surprise...), as I've had the Pan for over a year and have even completed its first stage of modifications (as referred to in the Project Info section). Another NC30 followed, and I've now got my eye on some other "interesting" bikes—just need to find somewhere to put them!]

Disclaimery bit: is a non-commercial (i.e., our "business plan" would make an ad-based dotcom "community" look appealing to the investment banking community...) Web site. (Explanatory note for IP lawyers only: This is Web site is not actually a business of any kind.) Entire contents © copyright 1999-2007 by, or maybe by someone else. All rights reserved worldwide, baby! (Note: Where content belonging to others is presented on it is intended to be described as such; copyright to the presentation thereof, however, belongs to The only exception to this rule is when the actual owner is being a twat, by, e.g., copying stuff and then refusing to acknowledge its source when caught. In such a case, I reserve the right to accord a similar degree of respect to his/her copyright...) Editorial contributions gladly accepted—unmarked bills even more so. This site has been conceived, nurtured and ultimately neglected by JZH, a professional system administrator and Web site designer—er, maybe not. <g>

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