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Welcome to the Honda sales brochure collection! These brochures have come from many sources: Some were personally collected from Honda dealers in various countries; some were donated to the Web site; and still others were purchased from collectors on eBay, Yahoo! Auctions and at motorcycle shows. It is possible to learn quite a bit about the history of these Honda models by comparing brochures from different years and countries.

Legal notice: The documents in this collection (the "Collectible Documents") are being displayed for potential sale, only. ALL OTHER USES ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED! Before making a reasonable offer for a Collectible Document, please examine the Collectible Documents carefully at your leisure. We understand that the exact condition of each Collectible Document is of the utmost importance in any buying decision (and that a professional valuation may be a condition of any lending agreement into which you may enter in order to finance your purchase), so each page of each Collectible Document has been presented here in enough detail so that a potential purchaser (and his/her professional appraisers) may attain a suitably high degree of confidence in the actual condition of each Collectible Document. Please note: To discourage unlawful copyright infringement, all full-size scans of the Collectible Documents may be "watermarked" to facilitate their tracing back to this Web site.

(Note: Some of these brochures/documents had loaded from old servers, but they have mostly been uploaded to the server now...)

(Approximately five dozen, mainly J-spec-related, but also including some RC30/45, Honda sales brochures remain to be scanned and uploaded, so stay tuned...) HomeCopyright © 1999-2015