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Project Info Dedicated to the thorough proliferation of information regarding the technical aspects of (mainly) Honda V4 motorcycles.
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If you believe Uncle Soichiro Honda could do no wrong, if you believe Honda motorcycles (and especially V-4s) were built to design parameters that are optimal for all riders, roads and environments, or if you believe that altering the carefully determined specifications of a motorcycle is unreasonably dangerous and a job best left to professionals READ NO FURTHER! By the standards above, this section is pure blasphemy... But, if you're like the rest of us, read on!

Certain useful reference information can be found on the Service Page, and click here for a general discussion of Honda parts interchangeability. For more specific modification information, click on a section of the bike (engine, drive train, suspension, brakes, electrical or body) below. Performance modifications are described by model, though certain modifications are applicable to more than one model.

Unfortunately, some of the links below are still under constructionóbut you've gotta admit that's a pretty cool 'navigable bike graphic' eh? <g>

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