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Honda Parts Interchange Information

Honda uses a unique (three character) Product Code for each model motorcycle it manufactures. Since 1966, the Product Code has formed a part of Honda's New Part Number System—e.g., the "MT4" in "12311-MT4-000." Used in this way, the Product Code (called a Parts Classification Number, or PCN, in this context) indicates the motorcycle for which the part was originally designed. (See the Honda Part Numbers page for more information.)

However, Product codes sometimes change before the end of what might appear to be a normal model run. For example, the 1993 VFR750FP (the Pearl Crystal White model in the United States) has a Product Code of MY7, rather than MT4, which is the Product Code shared by the 1990-92 VFR750FL-N models. (It is not at all clear why Honda made such a change in this case, as the FN and FP models are virtually identical, but the exception "proves" the rule, as they say...)

Accordingly, as can be seen from the Honda Parts Microfiche, many Honda motorcycle models use parts originally designed for another model. Knowing this information allows the use of secondhand or OEM replacement parts originally intended for another model, and also allows the location and use of aftermarket performance parts designed for other, perhaps more popular (or more often modified) Honda models.

A praticularly useful resource in this regard is the on-line Honda parts cross-checker at in France. Although their database generally does not include U.S. models, it does often include Canadian models, which are usually quite similar. For example, searching for Honda pn. 53170-KV0-006 (VFR750FL front brake lever assy.) in the on-line database reveals that this same part number was used on VFR750s throughout the world since the 1987 model—as well as on VFR400s, CBR600s, CBR1000s and RC30s. (However, from the PCN "KV0", you could also have determined that this part was originally used on the MC15 VTR250J-L, which was sold in the United States from 1988-90. This model did not appear in the cross-checker because, not being a European or Canadian model, it was not in their database.)

Another example of how parts interchange techniques work in practice would be related to Honda's use of the same Gearshift Drum Stopper assembly in the VFR750F, VFR750R, RVF400R and VFR400R.¹ Factory Pro Tuning, the manufacturer of the Shift Kit and Pro Shift Kit replacement drum stopper and spring kits, does not list shift kits for the VFR400R or RVF400R in its application charts (possibly due to the fact that these models were never officially imported to the U.S., the country where Factory Pro is based), but Factory Pro's shift kits can nevertheless be used on the VFR400R and RVF400R, because all of these bikes incorporate shifter parts with the same PCN ("MR7"). (For more info about shift kits, see the Shift Kits page.)


  1. (And, um, in the 1993-2000 VT750C Shadow 750...) Home Copyright © 1999-2011 [Sources: 1959-98 American Honda Model Identification Guide, pn. 2GMAS98-AH and]