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Honda Part Numbering System

As Used in the Parts Catalogs

General parts:

Bolts, nuts and other standard parts:

    XXXXX - XXXXX - (XX)
    Function Number

    XXXXX - XXXXX - (XX)
    Type Number

    XXXXX - XXXXX - (XX)
    (Dimensions of many common parts are reflected in this section of the part number—see Dimensions below.)

    XXXXX - XXXXX - (X)(X)
    ISO Standard Designation (if any)

    XXXXX - XXXXX - (X)(X)
    Chemical Surface Treatment (if any)

Common abbreviations:

ASSY. Assembly
COMP. Complete
R. Right
L. Left
STD. Standard
MM Millimeter
G Gram
T (22T) Tooth (22 Teeth)
A Ampere
V Volt
W Watt
WL With labelling
WOL Without labelling
KPH Kilometers per hour
L.E.D. Light emitting diode
MPH Miles per hour
L (100L) Link (100Links)
A.C. Alternating current
D.C. Direct current
IN. Intake
EX. Exhaust
FR. Front
RR. Rear
HEX. Hexagonal
A.M. Attaching mark
T.M. Transcript mark
C.D.I. Capacitive discharge ignition


Parts Example Interpretation
Bolt (screw) 6 x 12 6mm diameter, 12mm length
Pin 8 x 14 8mm diameter, 14mm length
O-ring 9.5 x 1.6 9.5mm diameter, 1.6mm thickness
Oil seal 14 x 24 x 5 14mm inside diameter, 24mm outside diameter, 5mm thickness
Tube 5 x 130 5mm inside diameter, 130mm length Home Copyright © 1999-2011 [Source: Various Honda Parts Lists and Microfiche]