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Drivetrain Modifications

[Like most pages on this Web site, this page is still a work in progress. Please check back later for updates...]

Chain and sprockets

Chain modifications generally fall into two categories—replacing the OEM chain with a high-quality aftermarket chain and changing the chain size to a lighter and/or stronger size. Sprocket modifications are usually done in order to alter the final drive ratio.

Transmission and Shifting

For improved shifting, consider installing a shift kit. See the Honda Gearshift Drums and Modifications page.


Modern Honda clutches are pretty robust and, unless subject to abuse, last a very long time. Most VFR owners are unlikely to need to replace a clutch for almost as long as they own their bikes; most "clutch problems" are actually hydraulic or adjustment-related. That said, there are aftermarket clutch parts available, such as the kevlar clutch disks and heavy duty springs available from Barnett and EBC. NC30s can, however, benefit from certain clutch upgrades, particularly if they are raced or often ridden hard, partially due to the relatively high first gear on these bikes (inherited from the RC30). See the NC30 Clutch Upgrades page for some info on upgrading NC30 clutches with heavier duty Honda OEM or aftermarket plates and disks. HomeCopyright © 1999-2007 [Source: Various Honda Parts Lists and Microfiche]