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NC30 Clutch Upgrades

Standard Clutch Parts

First, the basics: NC30 clutch parts are shared by other Honda motorcycles, so they are available in the U.S. from Honda dealers and aftermarket manufacturers such as Barnett, EBC and Vesrah—even if the NC30 was not. The standard NC30 clutch consists of nine steel clutch plates and ten friction plates.

NC30 Clutch Components

The NC30 Honda individual part numbers for the steels and friction plates are 22321-KE8-000 and 22201-MR8-000, respectively, and the Vesrah replacement part number for the individual friction plates is VP-1019. According to the Vesrah Web site, the following is a short list of other Honda motorcycles and ATVs that share the same friction plate individual part numbers: MB-5, CR80, XR80R, CR100, CB125TT, CR125R, NX125, CB250, CM250C, VTR250, VF500 and TRX90 Quad.

Upgraded Clutch Parts

Some NC30 racers have reported that it is possible to upgrade to NC35 clutch parts—all of which are available from Honda. NC35 clutch steels are 0.2mm thicker than the comparable NC30 parts, and they do fit NC30s. Both models share the same friction plate part numbers. The part number for the NC35 steel clutch plates is 22321-KE7-000. Because they are thicker, instead of using nine of them in an NC30, eight are used (along with one NC30 steel plate), resulting in a clutch pack just slightly thicker (1.6mm) than the NC30 components alone. However, others have reported that the resulting clutch pack is too thick to fit in the clutch housing—caveat emptor!

Upgraded Shifter Parts

Another NC30 upgrade that can be accomplished using parts originally designed for another Honda motorcycle is to fit a Factory Pro Shift Kit for a '90 VFR750 (pn. SHFT-PRO-HON-08) to the NC30. This "kit" consists of a gasket, a heavier spring and a shift detent arm which incorporates a ball bearing (the regular Factory Shift Kit includes the same parts, except the detent arm is an OEM Honda part). Shift kits work mainly because the extra pressure required to shift requires the rider to use a firmer shift movement—no magic there! For more information, see the Honda Gearshift Drums and Modifications page. Home Copyright © 1999-2005 [Sources: NC30 racer Brian Banna, Honda Parts Manuals and Microfiche and The Vesrah Company]