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Suspension Modifications

[This page is still a work in progress. Please check back later for updates...]

Basic Suspension Set-up

  • How to Set-up Suspension
    [Set-up notes from various sources.]

  • Forks, Shocks and Linkages

  • NC30 Fork Upgrades
    NC30s came with either damping rod forks (K models), adjustable for pre-load only, or cartridge forks (L, M and N models), adjustable for pre-load and rebound damping. The earlier forks can be upgraded with Race-Tech Cartridge Fork Emulators and the later forks can be upgraded with Race-Tech Gold Valves—many specialist suspension shops can upgrade these forks as well. For a step-by-step procedure describing the latter, see the NC30 Race-Tech Gold Valve Installation page. There are also a couple of upgraded fork springs available.

  • NC30 Shocks and Springs
    [Aftermarket shocks and springs available for NC30s.]

  • NC30 Increased Rear Ride-height Linkage
    Rear ride height on NC30s can only be raised through the use of a modified shock linkage, a modified (cut and welded) or an aftermarket shock. Ride height should be increased when the NC30 is used for racing—and when a 17" rear wheel is fitted (see the Wheel Modifications page). There are German and Japanese aftermarket source for ride-height-increasing shock linkages; the stock one may also be able to be modified.

  • VFR750FL-P Fork Upgrades
    VFRs came with cartridge forks, either non-adjustable (L and M models), or adjustable for pre-load only (N and P models). Both can be upgraded with Race-Tech Gold Valves, and there are several fork spring upgrade options. The procedure to install Gold Valves in the VFRs' 41mm Showa cartridge forks is similar to—but somewhat less involved than—that described on the NC30 Race-Tech Gold Valve Installation page.

  • RC36/VTR Fork Swap
    VTR1000F forks can be swapped onto VFR750L-Ps (and probably the later RC36 as well). This swap does give VFRs rebound adjustment (or rebound and pre-load adjustment on L and M models), but the main benefit is that Nissin 4-piston brake calipers can be fitted. Sorry, a complete page on the VTR1000F fork swap has not yet been written, but below are a few photos of the end result on the RC36:

    VFR750FL/VTR1000FW fork swap VTR1000FW forks close-up View from the top

  • VFR750FL-P Shocks and Springs
    There aren't a whole lot of aftermarket shocks and springs available for the L-P model VFRs, unfortunately. Here's an Ohlins:

    VFR750FL-P Ohlins

  • VFR750FL-P Increased Rear Ride-height Linkage
    As with NC30s, rear ride height on L-P model VFR750s can only be raised through the use of a modified shock linkage. This is a more elegant way of altering steering geometry than the usual method of lowering the forks in the triple-clamps. There is a German aftermarket source for these linkages, or the stock one can be shortened.

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