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Electrical System Modifications

[This page is still a work in progress. Please check back later for updates...]

Lighting Modifications

  • Adding ST1100P (Police) Switches to a VFR
    If you need additional switches in order to control aftermarket accessories such as additional lighting, but are having trouble deciding which switches to use and where to put them, here is a possible solution.

  • H4 Headlight Upgrades
    Certain Honda models use special, Honda-only H4 bulbs in either 45/45w or 35/60w sizes. These bulbs are similar to "normal" 55/60w H4 bulbs, but their mounting tabs are located in slightly different positions, which means that different (i.e., more powerful) bulbs cannot be used in these bikes without either modifying the new bulbs or modifying the OEM headlight housing. The different approaches are discussed further on the Honda Headlight Upgrades page.

  • NC-30 Low Beam Relay
    J-spec 400s, such as the NC-30, NC-35 and NC-29, did not come equipped with relays for the low beam circuit; power to the dual 35w low beam H4 bulbs was routed directly through the handlebar light switch. To avoid frying expensive OEM switches, an upgrade to "normal" 55/60w H4 bulbs should only be done with the addition of a low beam relay. For a description of the modification process, see the NC30 Low Beam Relay Installation page.

  • US-spec VFR750F Integrated Turn Signals
    US-spec bikes often had clunky, "add-on" rear turn signals—presumably to fulfil somebody's interpretation of arcane DOT regulations. The good news is, if you're not a vehicle manufacturer, you don't have to abide by them! See the Turn Signal Modifications page to see how your VFR's clean lines can be restored.

  • US-spec VFR750F License Plate Light Elimination
    Another common modification to US-spec bikes is to eliminate the "add-on" license plate light and (possibly) make use of the taillight to illuminate the plate.

  • Electrical System Modifications

  • Charging System Upgrades
    Hmmm. Definitely a work in progress, here. Current score:; Honda Reg/Recs-3. Will Electrex' new, improved RR58 reg/rec be the "Final Solution"? We'll see...

  • Battery Upgrades
    A relatively simple electrical system upgrade is to replace the OEM-size battery with the next size up (which is usually just a little bit taller). The applicable sizes are shown in the Yuasa Battery Specs chart. For example, the RC36 usually uses a YTX-14BS battery (15mm taller than OEM), and the NC30 has a YTX-9BS battery (11mm taller than OEM).

  • Other Electrical Modifications

  • NC30 Derestriction
    One way of de-restricting an NC30 is to fit an "M-Max Box"; another is to fit the (expensive) HRC Spark Unit Assembly (30491-NKA-000); a third is to leave the electronics alone and modify the speedometer. For a description of the various ways an NC30 can be de-restricted, see the NC30 De-Restriction page.

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