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US-spec VFR750F Integrated Turn Signals

US (and Canadian) 1990-1993 VFR750Fs were subject to an interpretation of federal DOT regulations that (apparently) required separate, stalk-mounted rear turn signals—rather than the integrated amber lenses the bike was clearly designed for. The ROW bikes always had the amber lenses.

Amber rear lenses from the 1994-1997 VFR750Fs (or from the ROW '90-'93s) are direct replacements and can be fitted and used as turn signals (as described in this page from the VF/VFR List Faq. Alternatively, the red lenses the North American bikes came with can simply be fitted with standard Honda bulb holders and used as additional brake/tail lights, or wired as turn signals—though red turn signals probably aren't as noticeable as amber ones. Home Copyright © 1999-2005 [Source: The VF/VFR List FAQ]