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CBR400RG-H/RRJ-K (NC23) Model Info

[Sorry, this page is still under construction...and probably will be for all eternity!]


[Don't know much about this version, except that it shares many parts (at least the RR versions do) with the later NC29, and that it is also known as the "Tri-Arm".]

Note that the "No." and "Type" designations are not the same thing. In the front of the Honda Parts Catalogues of this era are small colour pictures of the different colour schemes available for each model. These pictures are labeled "No.1", "No.2", etc. and include the paint color for that paint scheme. However, the "No." designations are not used on the parts pages within the catalogue. Parts that are painted are (usually) described using "Type" designations as well as the paint code for the colour they are painted. What is the connection between the "No." designations under the pictures and the "Types" used on the parts pages? Usually, they are the same, so paint scheme No.1 corresponds to *Type1* in the parts pages. But not always!

Below are illustrations of each of the NC23 color schemes available throughout its production:

No.1, Type1, CBR400RG No.2, Type2, CBR400RG No.3, Type1, CBR400RG No.4, Type2, CBR400RH No.5, Type1, CBR400RRJ
No.6, Type2, CBR400RRJ No.7, Type4, CBR400RRJ No.8, Type5, CBR400RRK No.9, Type6, CBR400RRK No.10, Type7, CBR400RRK


All CBR400R/RR NC23s were manufactured for the Japanese domestic market, though, as with other 400cc Honda motorcycles of the era, many were later exported to other markets (especially the United Kingdom) as "grey imports". The following table details certain information for the NC23 production run:

No. Type Model Year Model Name Year Code Model Code Color Code Color(s) Beg. Engine # Beg. Frame # Carb ID #
1 1 1986 CBR400R G NC23 NH138K Shasta white/red NC23E-1000042 NC23-1000027 VG02A-A
2 2 1986 CBR400R G NC23 NH138H Shasta white/purple NC23E-1000042 NC23-1000027 VG02A-A
3 1 1986 CBR400R G NC23 PB184E Granite blue/silver NC23E-1000042 NC23-1000027 VG02A-A
4 2 1987 CBR400R-YA H NC23 NH193 Pearl crystal white/purple NC23E-1015002 NC23-1015001 VG02A-E
5 1 1988 CBR400RR J NC23 PB184D Granite blue/black NC23E-1020027 NC23-1020011 VG04A-A
6 2 1988 CBR400RR J NC23 PB190A Terra blue/white/red NC23E-1020027 NC23-1020011 VG04A-A
7 4 1988 CBR400RR J NC23 PB186A Seychelle night blue/white NC23E-1020027 NC23-1020011 VG04A-A
8 5 1989 CBR400RR K NC23 PB184E Granite blue/silver NC23E-1090006 NC23-1090005 VG04B-A
9 6 1989 CBR400RR K NC23 NH193K Pearl crystal white/purple NC23E-1090006 NC23-1090005 VG04B-A
10 7 1989 CBR400RR K NC23 NH193H Terra blue/white/red NC23E-1090006 NC23-1090005 VG04B-A Home Copyright © 1999-2014 [Sources: Haynes CBR400RR Service and Repair Manual; Honda Parts Manuals and Microfiche]