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Aprilia RS250 Model Info

[Sorry, this page is still under construction...and probably will be for some time!]

2003 RS250...last of the European-spec bikes?


End of the line...Apparently because of Suzuki's ceasing production of the VJ22 RGV250 engine, due to tightened emissions regulations, Aprilia stopped making RS250s in 2003, and the bikes were no longer allowed to be sold as new in Europe as of early 2004.


According the the Aprilia parts catalogues, the second generation RS250 was produced with several different color schemes, on average two color schemes per model year:

Year Color 1 Color 2
1998 (W) Aprilia black Trial red/Cosmos blue
1999 (X) Aprilia black Fumi blue/Fluo red
2000 (Y) Aprilia black Nik grey
2001 (1) Diablo black
2003 (3) GP1
(Challenge version USA)

Model letters used by Aprilia appear to correspond with the VIN model letters used in the United States since the early 1980s. (Here is a bit more about VINs.) As a result, bikes manufactured in 1998 carry the model letter "W", 1999 bikes are "X" models, 2000 bikes are "Y" models, 2001 bikes are "1" models, and 2003 bikes are "3" models. (The letters "I", "O", "Q", "U" and "Z" are not used in the VIN system.)


Item Technical specifications
Sizes and Weights: Maximum length 1,975mm ('94-'97: 1,980mm)
Maximum width 690mm
Maximum height (front cowling) 1,180mm ('94-'97: 1,090mm)
Height (seat) 810mm
Wheelbase 1,360mm ('94-'97: 1,370mm)
Minimum ground clearance 135mm
Turning circle 4,090mm
Weight (wet) 167kg
Maximum load (driver + passenger + luggage) 160kg
Seats 2
Engine: Type 90-deg. V, 2-cylinder, 2-stroke with laminar suction and exhaust valve. Separate lubrication with variable automatic mixer (0.9/2%). Liquid cooling.
No. cylinders (V 90-deg.) 2
Cylinder lettering
Total displacement 249.25cm³ ('94-'97: 249cm³)
Bore x stroke 56.0mm x 50.6mm
Compression ratio 12.00 (+/- 0.7) : 1
Starting kick-start
Carburetors: Carburetor type 2 MIKUNI TM 34 SS
Choke tube 34mm dia.
Air filter With polyurethane filter element
Lubrication system Oil pump with separate circuit
Engine oil recommendation IP MAX 2T COMPETITION, or any high-quality oil meeting the ISO-L-ETC++ or API TC++ specifications
Cooling system Liquid with pump
Transmission: Clutch Oil bath, multiple-disc, with lever control on handlebars
Gear box oil recommendation IP FC, SAE 75W-90, or any high-quality oil meeting the API GL-4 specification
Gear box 6-speed, direct drive
Gear change With pedal (L), 1st low, other 5 high
Primary reduction Z = 23/59 (1 : 2.565)
Final reduction (chain) Z = 14/42 (1 : 3.000)
Gear ratio, 1st Z = 11/27 (1 : 2.454)
Gear ratio, 2nd Z = 16/26 (1 : 1.625)
Gear ratio, 3rd Z = 17/21 (1 : 1.235)
Gear ratio, 4th Z = 22/23 (1 : 1.045)
Gear ratio, 5th Z = 24/22 (1 : 0.916)
Gear ratio, 6th Z = 25/21 (1 : 0.840)
Chain Sealed, jointless, DID 520 V6
Refuelling: Fuel tank capacity (including reserve) 19.5 liters ('94-'97: 16.5 liters)
Reserve 3.6 liters ('94-'97: 3.5 liters)
Type of fuel Lead-free petrol, R.O.N. minimum 95
Fork oil 431cc (each fork tube) ('94-'97: 420cc (left tube with spring); the right tube with hydraulic damper must be filled to 6cm from the top (with stanchion fully compressed and cartridge fitted))
Fork oil recommendation IP FA 5W or IP FA 20W (which can be mixed to create 10W or 15W, if needed)
Gear oil 0.7 liters
Oil mixer (including reserve) 1.6 liters
Oil mixer reserve 0.3 liters ('94-'97: 0.6 liters)
Coolant 1.9 liters (0.95 liters distilled water + 0.95 liters coolant)
Chassis: Type Double-beam with cast and stamped sheet elements
Caster angle 25-deg 30'
Trail 102mm
Front suspension adjustable telehydraulic fork with helical spring and upside-down tubes, travel 120mm
Rear suspension Rocker arm with adjustable hydraulic single shock absorber, stroke 64mm ('94-'97: wheel travel 130mm)
Front brake Twin disc, 298mm dia., with hydraulic circuit
Rear brake Disc, 220mm dia., with hydraulic circuit
Wheels (light alloy) Front: 3.5 x 17 in. ('94-'97: 3.0 x 17 in.); rear: 4.5 x 17 in.
Front tyre 120/60-ZR17 ('94-'97: 110/70-ZR17)
Rear tyre 150/60-ZR17 ('94-'97: or 160/60-ZR17)
Inflation pressure (cold) Front: 190 kPa (1.9 bar); rear: 220 kPa (2.2 bar)
Inflation pressure (cold, with passenger) Front: 190 kPa (1.9 bar); rear: 240 kPa (2.4 bar)
Ignition: Type C.D.I.
Spark advance 10-deg (+/- 2-deg.) B.T.D.C. ('94-'97: 14-deg. B.T.D.C. @ 1,300rpm)
Spark plug (standard) NGK BR9ECM
Spark plug (racing) NGK BR10ECM
Spark plug (cold climate) NGK BR8ECM
Spark plug gap 0.7-0.8mm
Idle speed 1,300 rpm (+/- 100 rpm) ('94-'97: 150 rpm
Electric system: Battery 12v 4Ah
Fuses 20 - 15 - 7.5A
Generator 12v-180W
Lamp Dipped beam 12v-55W H1
High beam 12v-55W H3
Parking light 12v-5W
Turn indicators 12v-10W
Rear parking/number plate/brake 12v-5/21W
Numberplate light ('94-'97 only) 12v-5W
Tachometer light 12v-2W
Multifunction computer display 12v-2W
Warning lights Neutral 12v-3W
High beam 12v-3W
Stand down 12v-3W
Turn indicators 12v-3W
Oil mixer level Red LED
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