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VFR400ZG-RJ-III (NC21/24) Model Info

[Sorry, just the paint scheme ID photos for now...]


Below are illustrations of each of the NC21 and NC24 color schemes available throughout their production:

No.1, VFR400ZG, NH-138K No.2, VFR400ZG, NH1K No.3, VFR400RG, NH-138K No.4, VFR400RG, NH1K VFR400ZH, NH1Q No.5, VFR400RG-YA, NH138F
No.6, VFR400ZH, NH1K Type 7, VFR400RH, NH1H Type 8, VFR400RH, NH196H1 Type 9, VFR400RH-II, NH196I Type 10, VFR400RJ-III, NH-196H


Note that there is a "Type2" VFR400RG, but no "official" picture of it, though its parts are described in the Parts Catalogue (based on the descriptions of the colored parts in the Honda Parts Catalogue, it has some yellow in its fairing and white wheels).

So...what's going on with the "No." and "Type" designations? In the front of the Honda Parts Catalogues of this era are small colour pictures of the different colour schemes available for each model. These pictures are labeled "No.1", "No.2", etc. and include the paint color for that paint scheme. However, the "No." designations are not used on the parts pages within the catalogue. Parts that are painted are (usually) described using "Type" designations as well as the paint code for the colour they are painted. What is the connection between the "No." designations under the pictures and the "Types" used on the parts pages? Usually, they are the same, so paint scheme No.1 corresponds to *Type1* in the parts pages. But not always!

Interestingly, not all "Types" are used, some "Types" are used more than once (in the same catalogue) and there are paint schemes that do not have a corresponding "No." (or picture). These anomalys have been reflected in the model identification pictures on this Web site to the extent they are reflected in the Honda Parts Catalogues for each model.

The following table details certain information for the NC21 and NC24 production runs:

No. Type Model Year Model Name Year Code Model Code Color Code Color(s) Beg. Engine # Beg. Frame # Carb ID #
1 6 1986 VFR400Z G NC21 NH-138K Shasta white/Fighting red NC13E-1030098 NC21-1000077 VDA0A
2 7 1986 VFR400Z G NC21 NH1K Black/Fighting red NC13E-1030098 NC21-1000077 VDA0A
3 4 1986 VFR400R G NC21 NH-138K Shasta white/Fighting red NC13E-1030017 NC21-1000011 VDA0A
4 3 1986 VFR400R G NC21 NH1K Black/Monza red NC13E-1030017 NC21-1000011 VDA0A
-- 2 1986 VFR400R G NC21 NH1Q Black/Clipper yellow NC13E-1030017 NC21-1000011 VDA0A
5 -- 1986 VFR400R-YA G NC21 NH138F Shasta white NC13E-1030065 NC21-1000074 VDA0A
6 1 1987 VFR400Z H NC21 NH1K Black NC13E-1050034 NC21-1020013 VDE2A
7 1 1987 VFR400R H NC24 NH1H Black/Fighting red NC13E-1050019 NC24-1000010 VDE2C
8 2 1987 VFR400R H NC24 NH196H1 Ross white NC13E-1050019 NC24-1000010 VDE2C
9 -- 1987 VFR400R-II H NC24 NH196I Ross white (Rothmans) NC13E-1059737 NC24-1009051 VDE2C
10 5 1988 VFR400R-III J NC24 NH196H Ross white NC13E-1070023 NC24-1020011 VDE2C Home Copyright © 1999-2014 [Source: VFR400R Honda Parts Manual]