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Honda Pre-Ride Inspection

The following text appears (in various forms) in every Honda motorcycle owners manual:

WARNING * If the Pre-Ride Inspection is not performed, severe personal injury or vehicle damage may result.

Inspect your motorcycle every day before you ride it. The items listed here will only take a few minutes to inspect, and in the long run they can save time, expense, and possibly your life.

  1. Engine oil level—add engine oil if required. Check for leaks.
  2. Fuel level—fill fuel tank when necessary. Check for leaks.
  3. Coolant level—add coolant if required. check for leaks.
  4. Front and rear brakes—check operation; make sure there is no brake fluid leakage.
  5. Tires—check condition and pressure.
  6. Drive chain—check condition and slack. Adjust and lubricate if necessary.
  7. Throttle—check for smooth opening and closing in all steering positions.
  8. Lights and horn—check that headlight, tail/stoplight, turn signals, indicators and horn function properly.
  9. Engine stop switch—check for proper function.

Correct any discrepancy before you ride. Contact your authorized Honda dealer for assistance if you cannot solve the problem. Home Copyright © 1999-2005 [Source: Various Honda owners manuals]