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RVF400RR and RVF400RT Differences

This is a complete list of the non-color-related part number differences between the two RVF400R models, the "R" and the "T". In other words, the only other parts that differ are the ones associated with the "Type 1" and "Type 2" color schemes used on the respective NC35 models. Enjoy!

Part Description "R" Part Number "T" Part Number (notes)
Pin, Split (oil pump) 94201-20250 94201-25250 (0.5mm greater diameter)
Bolt, Flange (water jacket plug) 95701-06012-07 95701-06012-00 (different bolt head?)
Carburetor Assy. (both VP90A A) 16100-MR8-900 16100-MR8-901 (no individual parts differ)
Cable Assy., Speedometer 44830-MR8-900 44830-MR8-000
Clip 4x65 (instrument panel) 90652-MV4-008 90651-KW3-670
Switch Assy., Combination and Lock 35100-MR8-900 35100-MR8-901 (contains switch below)
Base Comp., Contact (switch) 35101-MR8-900 35101-MR8-901
Fork Assy, R. Fr. 51400-MR8-901 51400-MR8-902 (different fork tube only)
Fork Assy, L. Fr. 51500-MR8-901 51500-MR8-901 (different fork tube only)
Case Comp., Top (fork upper) 51405-KV6-702 51405-KR8-762 (different color?)
Label (Showa) 51410-MR8-901 51410-MR8-902 (different sticker)
Bolt, Flange, 14x51 (chain adjuster) 90155-MR8-000 90155-MR8-010 (different bolt head?)
Cushion Assy., Rr. (Showa) 52400-MR8-901 52400-MR8-902 (different rear shock)
Cover, terminal (rubber boot) 32419-ML0-000 32411-253-000 (on starter motor cable)
Bag, service book 77251-342-000 83642-ML0-000
Label, windshield 87560-MJ6-722ZA 87560-MY1-701 (different color?) Home Copyright © 1999-2005 [Source: Honda RVF400R Parts List, pn. 11MR8RJ3]