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VFR Mounted Tire Width

What is this, then? Well, just what it says—a chart showing the measured widths (i.e., measured with a steel rule with the mounted tire and rim lying flat on the floor!) of certain tire brands and wheel combinations. Not very exciting, but there you have it. (Looks like it could use a few more measurements, mind.)

Tire Size Tire Brand & Model Measured Rim Measured Width
150/60VR-18 Bridgestone BT-92 VFR400RN 4.5x18" 152mm
160/60ZR-17 Dunlop D207 VFR750FV 5x17" 176mm
160/60ZR-17 Bridgestone BT-56 VFR750FV 5x17" ???
170/60ZR-17 Metzeler MEZ-2 VFR750FL 5.5x17" 175mm
170/60ZR-17 Bridgestone BT-020NT VFR750FL 5.5x17" ??? Home Copyright © 1999-2005 [Source: Various Honda parts manuals and microfiche]