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Honda Parts from David Silver Spares

Useful for locating hard-to-find parts at relatively reasonable prices is David Silver Spares¹ in the UK. Their downloadable stock file is updated approximately monthly, and if you are familiar with the Honda part numbering system (e.g., the PCNs) you may be able to find something interesting... The following excerpts from the 18 February 2004 stock list illustrates some of the information contained therein:

part number description & Model [availability] retail [ex. VAT] stock qty
13310MT4000 CRANK SHAFT COMP. *Y 159.00 2.00
17210MT4000 ELEMENT,AIR/C *A 21.00 0.00
64570MT4020ZB *NON MANF PART* 12.00 1.00

All of these parts were found using "MT4", the Honda Parts Classification Number (PCN) for the '90-'92 VFR750FL-N². The first part is the crank shaft, and the "*Y" indicates that this part is near to being discontinued by Honda (generally, the higher in the alphabet, the closer this is). The retail price is the price charged by David Silver Spares for the part, to which shipping and 17.5% VAT will be added for sales within the European Union, and "2.00" shows that two crank shafts were in stock at the time the stock list was created.

The second part is the paper-element air cleaner, a part number shared by all RC36 models. This part shows a very high future availability, but none happened to be in stock at the time. David Silver Spares advises that enquiries should still be made when the stock quantity shows zero, as parts may be added to stock at any time. (David Silvers has made a name for itself by cheaply buying up old stocks of Honda parts from dealers and distributors throughout the world, the savings from which (compared to the same part purchased therough the normal Honda distributor network) is passed on to the customer.)

The third part (appears to be) a plastic fairing duct, color code NH280 (Armor black), the "*NON MANF PART*" indicating that this is a non-UK part number. As this exact part number does not appear on any European, Japanese or US parts microfiche, it hard to be certain exactly what it is, but because the only difference is in the first two digits of the last section of the Honda part number, which indicates some sort of modification of the original part, it is probably very similar to the more common 64570-MT4-000ZB distributed through normal Honda distributors.


  1. No compensation has been received for this endorsement.

  2. The PCN for the 1993 FP model was inexplicably changed from MT4 to MY7, but it is hard to see why, as there were few, if any, changes made from the previous year's model. Home Copyright © 1999-2005 [Sources: David Silver Spares and various Honda Parts Catalogues and microfiche]